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Music unites, or so the saying goes, and yet only a few times in history has this saying actually proved to be true. Well aware of the legacy of underground club culture firmly rooted in NYC’s vibrant mixture of personalities and possibilities, Slow to Speak is determined to reignite, resurrect if you will, the lost possibilities of NYC’s legacy, determined to bring about the rare mixture of elements and determined atmospheric tailoring that when assembled exactly comprise the formula for a true party. Slow to Speak is determined to fight once more for this sincere love of music and freedom, careful to honor the legacy and contributions of the old party aesthetic and yet keen on reinventing this aesthetic once more. Music as uniter, but also music as aggressor, pushing for the necessary confrontation and daring experimentation that has always moved history forward to new realms. But most importantly, music as storyteller and social weapon, such that dance records and culture can once again speak to our everyday trials and wildest of dreams.

And with this resolve, “LIFE” will be rekindled once more, starting this Winter 2011. New sounds, new songs, new philosophies will be introduced; old favorites will be reexamined and reinvigorated; in short, this party will have a mission and purpose beyond pointless, masturbatory, self-rewarding pseudo-expression that many events have become today. With a hardened resolve, “LIFE” aims to save dance music from the dark shadows of banality and to once again make it exciting and NEW. Always forward, never backwards, and yet always aware of the movement, the progress that music must continue if it is to survive. Against transitory mediocrity we must stand, and so we embark once more to explore the essence of social transcendence through musical exercise.

MUSIC : Paul Nickerson

GUEST DJ : Ali Berger

DATE : March 31st 2018


LOCATION : Preserved Instincts. 7811 Route 81. Oak Hill, NY.